Trapezoid Velcro Mop Hardware

16” Trapezoid Frame, Fits 18” Velcro Mop Pads 9.0 oz 12 LEPM18KT
22” Trapezoid Frame, Fits 24” Velcro Mop Pads 11.0 oz 12 LEPM24KT
34” Trapezoid Frame, Fits 36” Velcro Mop Pads 15.3 oz 12 LEPM36KT
46” Trapezoid Frame, Fits 48” Velcro Mop Pads 18.0 oz 12 LEPM48KT

ThumbnailSKU Color Dimensions Weight
Trapezoid Velcro Mop Hardware - grey - 46-inch - 18-00-oz LEPM48KT Grey46 inch18.00 oz
Trapezoid Velcro Mop Hardware - grey - 34-inch - 15-30-oz LEPM36KT Grey34 inch15.30 oz
Trapezoid Velcro Mop Hardware - grey - 22-inch - 11-00-oz LEPM24KT Grey22 inch11.00 oz
Trapezoid Velcro Mop Hardware - grey - 16-inch - 9-00-oz LEPM18KT Grey16 inch9.00 oz

From the walls your guests look at, to floors they walk on, always keep your facility clean with the right cleaning equipment for the job. This?ADI Durafiber? High Duster features a quality duster sleeve. The set includes three-piece handles with orange, plastic accents and an easy to hang end for a convenient storage. The duster is ideal for cleaning hard, out of reach crevices that can easily be missed without the right equipment.

Weight N/A


16 inch, 22 inch, 34 inch, 46 inch


11.00 oz, 15.30 oz, 18.00 oz, 9.00 oz