T180 Percale Pillow Cases 42″ x 34″ White

  • Part NumberT180PL4234PC
  • Item Material70% Polyester/ 30% Cotton
  • Item WeightN/A
  • Dimensions42 x 34 inches
  • Case300 Case
  • DetailsT180 Percale Pillow Case

ThumbnailSKU Color Dimensions Fiber Content
T180 Percale Pillow Cases  42 T180PL4234PC White42 x 3470% Polyester/ 30% Cotton

Provide superior patient care with the perfect linens and bedding to match all and any of your facility’s needs. 100% Cotton, for acute care, skilled care and assisted living beds. Vat-Dyed for smooth durability and lasting color. Available in four colors and flower print.

Weight N/A


42 x 34

Fiber Content

70% Polyester/ 30% Cotton