Chef Hat Twill Weave in White

  • Part Number2004WHT
  • Item Weight7.00 oz/sq yd
  • Item Material100% Cotton Twill
  • Sizes AvailableOne Size Fits All
  • Item DetailsOSFA, 10 inch Chef Hat

ThumbnailSKU Color Size Weight Fiber Content
Chef Hat Twill Weave in White - white - osfa - 1 - 100-cotton 2004WHT WhiteOSFA1100% Cotton
Chef Hat Twill Weave in White - white - osfa - 7-00-oz-sq-yd - 100-cotton 2004WHT WhiteOSFA7.00 oz/sq yd100% Cotton

Excellent service and guest experience is executed by reliable and outstanding staff members. Help provide that experience with an efficient, clean, and professional uniform by including this essential chef hat for your most valuable cooks. The professional chef hat comes in a solid white color that gives a classic look and feel and fits a 10″ crown. The hat is composed of a 100% Cotton in a twill fabric.

Weight N/A




1, 7.00 oz/sq yd

Fiber Content

100% Cotton