ADI Durafiber 18″ Velcro Dry Mop Pad

  • Part NumberLEPDP18GRP
  • Item MaterialMicrofiber 80% Polyester/ 20% DuPont Nylong 6™
  • Item Weight2.90 oz/pc
  • Dimensions18 inches (13 x 47cm)
  • Case150 Case
  • DetailsGreen, Velcro, Piped Ends

ThumbnailSKU Color Dimensions Fiber Content Weight
ADI Durafiber 18 LEPDP18GRP Green18 inch80% Polyester/ 20% DuPont Nylon 62.90 oz/pc

In a clean-room environment, we melt an optimal blend of 80% polyester and 20% DuPont Nylon 6™, extruding a 0.9 denier fiber. Through an advanced thermal-chemical process (using heat and pressure), the fiber is split into 16 filaments of 0.56 denier each, which is 100 times finer than human hair. ADI Durafiber™ are designed and constructed to withstand institutional laundry processing, last longer in service, and absorb more than all of it’s leading competitors.

Weight N/A


18 inch

Fiber Content

80% Polyester/ 20% DuPont Nylon 6


2.90 oz/pc