Quality Assurance Policy Statement

ADI products are manufactured and brought to market with rigid and exacting set of specifications to meet the performance expectations of our customers within the reality of price.

ADI has direct control from start to finish on 60% to 70% of the products sold by our company. ADI maintains overseas inspectors to monitor products on the loom; before, during and after sewing; and during the packing processes.

Upon arrival in the USA, products must meet criteria established on ordering to enact and finalize financial transactions. Products are randomly inspected in our warehouses to check for quality of construction, weight and finish.

ADI stands behind every product sold under the standard bearing the American Dawn, Inc. name.

Policy and Procedures

In the event returns are necessary, a Return Authorization number must be issued prior to the return of goods.

Goods returned at the customer’s discretion must be in new and unwashed condition and are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Freight is the responsibility of the retuning party. Custom and special order products are not returnable.

Goods returned due to ADI product failure must also have a Return Authorization number prior to shipment.


1. Return Authorizations are to be complete by a Customer Service Representatives.
2. Return Authorization forms are to be completed with the following information.
a. Date
b. Customer Account Number
c. Customer billing address
d. Customer pick-up address (If ADI production failure)
e. Customer purchase order
f. Original order number
g. Invoice number
h. Product, Description, Quantity, and price
i. Reason for return
j. Requested by
3. A copy of the order must also be attached with the Return Authorization Form.
4. Return Authorizations request are to be submitted to the Executive Administrative Assistant for processing.
5. The Executive Administrative Assistant will notify the Customer Service Representative with the Authorization Number.
6. Customer Service Representative will then advise customer the Authorization Number.