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ONEGOWN™ One SKU. All Patients.


Using one gown as the standard IV Gown eliminates multiple gowns on inventory and allows the patient to remain in their IV Gown during imaging studies.

Reducing overall gown usage and overall pounds results in savings and help to reduce on-hand inventory in certain areas of the hospital.


Only plastic snap in the market that is engineered to withstand extraction press with 400lbs of pressure per square inch.

Innovative plastic snaps do not interfere with imaging studies.


Plastic snaps incorporate the same snap action and durability as metal snaps.

Large offset telemetry pocket with oversized access vent is hidden behind the chest pocket.

One size fits most gown, with overlapping back, V-neck design and 7-inch sleeves for improved coverage and patient modesty.

One Gown Woman (1)
One Gown Alternative Pattern


55% Cotton/ 45% Polyester. The feel and comfort of cotton with the durability and easy care of polyester.

The back of the fabric is brushed to provide a soft feel next to patients skin.

Pigment printed will retain its color after multiple washes.

One Gown Imaging


The plastic snap gown wil not compromise a MRI Image. A metal gown would create scatter on the MRI and make it difficult to read.
Visible on and clearly recognizable on X-Ray machines.

For more information, contact your local representative at American Dawn 800-821-2221 or

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