Wet Combo Mop Pads
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Microfiber Wet/Combo Pads Usage Instructions

Wet Mop Pads 0

First, open the ADI Pack of wet pads or scrubber pads.

Wet Mop Pads 1

Flip the ADI Pack over into the mop bucket and remove the plastic bag.

Wet Mop Pads 2

Fill mop bucket with 6 quarts of cleaning solution.

Wet Mop Pads 3

Press mop frame against wet mop to fasten hook and loop system.

Wet Mop Pads 4

Mop floor useing “figure 8” motion following trail in diagrams show (below).

Wet Mop Pads 6

Step on sides of mop. Pull up handle to release mop. Place in soiled laundry bag.

Wet Mop Pads 7

To easily remove scuff marks, place your foot on top of the mop frame and use your leg muscles instead of your arms and back. Press down gently with your foot and move the mop pad over the soiled area by bending and flexing your knee.


Start at doorway, pull mop across to opposite wall leaving trail of cleaning solution.


Mop using “figure 8” motion keeping same leading edge of mop leading alone trail shown.

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